Colorado Mountain College Exibit, May 2004


healing: a personal journey

This exhibit is dedicated to the 15,000 Jews who were murdered in Kremenets, Ukraine on 10 August, 1942. Close to forty were my relatives. Jews had inhabited this town since its inception in the twelfth century.

For the past twelve years, my art has been inspired by the aftermath of the Holocaust: from conversations with children of survivors to the Judeo/Christian dialogue and reconciliation between Christians and Jews.

The most recent paintings in this exhibit are the result of a recent trip to Kremenets where I stood at the mass grave and recited the Kaddish (Hebrew prayer for the dead).

I am grateful to my husband Martin and my sons Bradley and Jason who accompanied me on this journey of a lifetime and to all those who gave me the support and encouragement to do so.

carolyn h. manosevitz
April, 2004


It was my profound pleasure and privilege to participate in your opening. Your art, the work of your soul, is stunning and beautiful, courageous and hopeful. Congratulations to you!



Thank you so much for the invitation to your gallery opening. I had a wonderful time socializing, nibbling, and observing your beautiful art.

My favorite pieces were "Girl with the Gold Coins", "Healing I", and the Memory Vessels. Your art has so much intensity and meaning - which is obvious at one level when you simply lay eyes on a piece. But, hearing your stories and reading about individual pieces brings so much more to each one.

Thank you for having the courage to follow the paths that have been laid in front of you. And especially, thank you for having the courage to share yourself so deeply with the rest of us last night. It was truly wonderful to hear you speak and begin to glimpse the full depth and meaning of your art. Ever since I have known you, I have known you as an unusually special, kind, and loving person. Last night I not only found out why, but my respect and admiration for you increased many-fold. I am grateful to know you and be considered your friend.

Justin Rounsefell, CCPD I


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